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EPFL IMX Seminar Series
CECAM Workshops and Other Activities

Tuesday October 29th, 4pm, Stuart Althorpe (University of Cambridge)
Real-time dynamics from imaginary-time path-integrals: theory and practice Abstract (pdf)

Tuesday October 8th, 2pm, Luca Vannucci (Technical University of Denmark)
Topologically protected transport in two-dimensional topological insulators from first principles Abstract (pdf)

Wednesday October 2nd, 12pm, Saiful Islam (University of Bath)
From Lithium Batteries to Perovskite Solar Cells: Atomic-Scale Insights into Energy Materials Abstract (pdf)

Monday August 26th, 10am, Lukas Muechler (Simons Foundation)
Towards a Topological Classification of Chemical Reactions Abstract (pdf)

Friday August 23rd, 2pm, Rachel Woods-Robinson (University of California Berkeley)
Computation-Informed Search for p-type Transparent Semiconductors Abstract (pdf)

Tuesday July 30th, 11am, Oliviero Andreussi (University of North Texas)
Advances in Continuum Embeddings for Electrochemistry Abstract (pdf)

Thursday July 18th, 11am, Jennifer L.M. Rupp (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
“Lithionics” to Store Energy and Compute Data Neuromorphically Abstract (pdf)

Thursday July 4th, 11am, David G. Cahill (University of Illinois)
Current Understanding and Unsolved Problems in Thermal Transport at the Nanoscale Abstract (pdf)

Friday May 24th, 9.30am, Guido Petretto (Université catholique de Louvain)
Automatize a DFT code: high-throughput workflows for Abinit Abstract (pdf)

Wednesday May 23rd, 9.30am, Fawzi Mohamed (Friz-Haber-Institut Berlin)
Workflows in NOMAD Abstract (pdf)

Wednesday May 22nd, 9am, Marco Govoni (University of Chicago)
Qresp, a tool for curating, discovering and exploring reproducible scientific papers Abstract (pdf)

Monday May 20th, 4pm, Francois Gygi (University of California Davis)
Exploiting orbital localization in electronic structure calculations of complex systems Abstract (pdf)

Monday February 25th, 11am, Siu Pang Ng (Rafael Biotechnology Co.)
Computational Modelling of Plasmonic Biochemical Sensors Abstract (pdf)

Wednesday January 30th, 11am, Ralf Drautz (Ruhr-Universität Bochum)
Development and validation of interatomic potentials and application to the simulation of phase transformations

Monday January 28th, 11am, Volkan Cevher (EPFL)
Robust and Practical Bayesian Optimization and Beyond

Friday January 25th, 11am, Francesco Aquilante (University of Geneva)
At odds with electron correlation: are we betting solely on the winning horse?

Tuesday January 24th, 5pm, Jan Gerit Brandenburg (University of Göttingen & University College London)
Towards the design of molecular materials: from many-body methods to enhanced density functional approximations