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Theos May 2022

12 May 2022 - we have had our first group meeting in person since 11 Mar 2020. It's been longer than we ever expected. Maybe I'll keep here for a bit the email to the group, from 13 Mar 2020. Let's keep fingers crossed.

Dear all,

you must have just seen the email from EPFL announcing the temporary closure of the school - I'll write tomorrow about practicalities (e.g. I'm thinking that people could take a monitor/keyboard/camera/mouse home, during the weekend - declaring this to me/Irene/Cornelia, to make working easier - workstations will have to stay at EPFL).

Right now I'm more thinking that all of you might feel quite a bit distressed by what is happening, especially if you have family or friends far away. So, I want to make you think that we are all also family and friends, and you can look out for each other, and support each other - in particular, I'm always available for a chat, and some support and consolation - just drop me a line.

Also, however odd this might feel, at the end it's really to keep everyone safe, and not overburden our medical system.

So, practicals will come tomorrow - for tonight, to offer glimpses of hope and optimism, a love poem by Nazim Hikmet when he was in prison, and it was 1945 - not a particularly good year, except for the Bordeaux vintages.

Also, straight from the writer's almanac, as oft-repeated: be well, do good work, and keep in touch.


The most beautiful sea hasn't been crossed yet.
The most beautiful child hasn't grown up yet.
Our most beautiful days we haven't seen yet.
And the most beautiful words I wanted to tell you I haven't said yet...

Nâzım Hikmet Ran, September 24th 1945

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[2007 to 2011 to be updated]

  1. Dr. Michele Ceriotti, Assistant Professor, EPFL (short postdoc 2011)
  2. Dr. Cheol-Hwan Park, Associate Professor, Seoul National University (postdoc 2010-2012)
  3. Dr. Andrea Ferretti, Research Scientist (tenured), CNR and University of Modena and Reggio Emilia (postdoc 2009-2011)
  4. Dr. Oliviero Andreussi, Assistant Professor, University of North Texas (postdoc 2008-2012, 2015-2017)
  5. Dr. Xiaofeng Qian, Assistant Professor, Texas A&M (postdoc, 2008-2011)
  6. Dr. Davide Ceresoli, Research Scientist (tenured), CNR and University of Milan (postdoc 2008-2011)
  7. Dr. Oswaldo Dieguez, Associate Professor, University of Tel Aviv (postdoc 2006-2007)
  8. Sejoong Kim, Assistant Professor, University of Science and Technology (UST) Korea (PhD 2006-2011)
  9. Jivtesh Garg, Assistant Professor, University of Oklahoma (PhD 2006-2011)
  10. Yu-Tzu Elise Li, Assistant Professor, NTNU Taiwan (PhD 2006-2011)
  11. Heather Kulik, Assistant Professor, MIT (PhD 2004-2009)
  12. Dr. Nicola Bonini, Senior Lecturer (aka Assistant Professor), King’s College London (postdoc 2005-2011)
  13. Amelie Juhin
  14. Marco Fornari
  15. Matteo Salvetti
  16. Nicolas Poilvert
  17. Nicholas Singh-Miller
  18. Nicephore Bonnet
  19. Hatem Halal
  20. Dmitri Volja
  21. Samed Halilov
  22. Kathy Simons

[2007 to 2011 to be updated]

  • Dr. Timo Thonhauser (DMSE, visiting scientist: Aug 2006 - Jul 2007, research associate: Aug 2007 - Jul 2008), Assistant Professor, Department of Physics, Wake Forest University
  • Dr. Ismaila Dabo (DMSE, graduate student 2002-2007), Postdoctoral researcher, Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées (Paris, France).
  • Dr. Brandon Wood (DMSE, graduate student 2001-2007), NSF Postdoctoral researcher, Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research (Bangalore, India).
  • Dr. Arash Mostofi (DMSE, PostDoc Oct 2005 - Aug 2007), Lecturer (i.e. Assistant Professor), Department of Physics, and Department of Materials, Imperial College (London, UK).
  • Dr. Young-Su Lee (DMSE, graduate student 2001-2006, PostDoc Aug 2006 - Aug 2007), Senior Research Scientist, Korea Institute of Science and Technology (Seoul, South Korea).
  • Dr. Boris Kozinsky (Physics, graduate student), Research Scientist, Bosch GMBH (Cambridge, MA).
  • Dr. Francesca Baletto (DMSE, PostDoc May 2006 - Jul 2007), Lecturer (i.e. Assistant Professor), Department of Physics, King's College (London, UK).
  • Chen Li (Physics, undergraduate UROP Spring 2007), Graduate student, Physics Department, Cornell University.
  • Dr. Patrick Sit (Physics, graduate student 2002-2006), Postdoctoral researcher with Prof M. Klein, University of Pennsylvania.
  • Michael Tambe (DMSE, graduate student 2006), Graduate student, Prof. Silvija Gradecak, DMSE.
  • Dr. Manu Sharma (DMSE, short-term postdoc Sep 2005 - Dec 2005), Postdoctoral researcher with Prof. G. Galli, University of California Davis.
  • Krzystof Niemkiewicz (high school RSI Scholar, Summer 2006).
  • Janet Ryu (DMSE, undergraduate UROP, Sep 2005 - May 2006).
  • Adam Chao (Physics, undergraduate UROP, Sep 2005 - Jan 2006).
  • Dr. Paolo Umari. (DMSE, PostDoc Jan 2004 - Dec 2005), Research scientist, Democritos National Simulation Center, and Elettra synchrotron (Trieste, Italy).
  • Dr. Damián Scherlis (DMSE, PostDoc May 2002 - Sep 2005), Research scientist, CONICET and Departamento de Quimica Inorganica, University of Buenos Aires.
  • Giacomo Ferrari (Dublin Jerome High School, Dublin OH, Summer 2005).
  • Dr. Cody Friesen (DMSE, graduate student). Assistant professor, Arizona State University.
  • Dr. Mayeul d'Avezac (Physics, Paris VI, visiting graduate student, Jan 2004 - Sep 2004), Postdoctoral researcher with Dr. Alex Zunger (NREL).
  • Caleb Ng (high school RSI Scholar, Libertyville High School, Summer 2004),cUndergraduate student, Caltech
  • Mikael Rechtsman (Physics, undergraduate, May 2002 - May 2003), Graduate student with Prof. Sal Torquato and Prof. Frank Stillinger (Physics, Princeton University).
  • Ann Chi (high school RSI Scholar, Terre Haute South Vigo High School, Summer 2003), Undergraduate student, Harvard University.
  • Luke Shulenburger (Physics, undergraduate, Spring 2002), Graduate student with Prof. Richard Martin (Physics, UIUC).