These days we are often asked about alumni moving to research positions in academia or national labs, and in the group we pay a particular care to mentoring dedicated scientists. Here I've tried to made a list, noting the first research position obtained. Please let us know of anyone missing... Also, in the US five former students/postdocs were awarded the prestigious NSF CAREER Award (Matteo Cococcioni (U. of Minnesota), Ismaila Dabo (Penn State), Heather Kulik (MIT), Oliviero Andreussi (UNT), Xiaofeng Qian (Texas A&M))

  1. Young-Su Lee, Senior Research Scientist, KIST Seoul (PhD 2002-2006)
  2. Brandon Wood, Staff Member, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (PhD 2002-2007)
  3. Patrick H.-L. Sit, Assistant Professor, City University of Hong Kong (PhD 2002-2006)
  4. Cody Friesen, Associate Professor, Arizona State University (co-PhD 2002-2004)
  5. Luke Shulenburger, Senior Staff, Sandia National Labs (BSc, 2002)
  6. Mikael Rechstmann, Assistant Professor, Penn State University (BSc, 2003)
  7. Ismaila Dabo, Assistant Professor, Penn State University (PhD 2003-2007)
  8. Boris Kozinsky, Associate Professor, Harvard University (PhD 2004-2007)
  9. Heather Kulik, Assistant Professor, MIT (PhD 2004-2009)
  10. Yu-Tzu Elise Li, Assistant Professor, NTNU Taiwan (PhD 2006-2011)
  11. Jivtesh Garg, Assistant Professor, University of Oklahoma (PhD 2006-2011)
  12. Sejoong Kim, Assistant Professor, University of Science and Technology (UST) Korea (PhD 2006-2011)
  13. Damian Scherlis, Associate Professor, University of Buenos Aires (postdoc 2002-2005)
  14. Matteo Cococcioni, Assistant Professor, University of Minnesota (postdoc 2003-2006, now Associate Professor, University of Pavia)
  15. Paolo Umari, Associate Professor, University of Padua (postdoc 2004-2005)
  16. Nicola Bonini, Senior Lecturer (aka Assistant Professor), King’s College London (postdoc 2005-2011)
  17. Arash Mostofi, Professor, Imperial College London (postdoc 2005-2007)
  18. Francesca Baletto, Senior Lecturer (aka Assistant Professor), King’s College London (postdoc 2006-2007)
  19. Oswaldo Dieguez, Associate Professor, University of Tel Aviv (postdoc 2006-2007)
  20. Timo Thonhauser, Associate Professor, Wake Forest University (postdoc 2006-2007)
  21. Oliviero Andreussi, Assistant Professor, University of North Texas (postdoc 2008-2012, 2015-2017)
  22. Xiaofeng Qian, Assistant Professor, Texas A&M (postdoc, 2008-2011)
  23. Davide Ceresoli, Research Scientist (tenured), CNR and University of Milan (postdoc 2008-2011)
  24. Andrea Ferretti, Research Scientist (tenured), CNR and University of Modena and Reggio Emilia (postdoc 2009-2011)
  25. Cheol-Hwan Park, Associate Professor, Seoul National University (postdoc 2010-2012)
  26. Michele Ceriotti, Assistant Professor, EPFL (short postdoc 2011)
  27. David D. O’ Regan, Assistant Professor, Trinity College Dublin (postdoc 2011-2013)
  28. Alexander Urban, Assistant Professor, Columbia University (visiting student, Fall 2011)
  29. Céline Dupont, CNRS and Université de Bourgogne (visiting postdoc Jan 2012 - Dec 2013)
  30. Giorgia Fugallo, CNRS and Université de Nantes (visiting postdoc 2013)
  31. Ivano Castelli, Assistant Professor, Danish Technical University (DTU) (postdoc 2014-2015)
  32. Marco Gibertini, Assistant Professor, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia (postdoc 2013-2017)
  33. Emine Küçükbenli, Assistant Professor, Boston University (postdoc 2012-2014)
  34. Davide Campi, Assistant Professor, University of Milano Bicocca (postdoc 2016-2020)
  35. Antimo Marrazzo, Assistant Professor, University of Trieste, then SISSA (PhD 2015-2019)
  36. Thibault Sohier, CNRS and Université de Montpellier (postdoc, Jan 2016 - Oct 2019)
  37. Casper Wenzel Andersen, Research Scientist, SINTEF (postdoc, Oct 2018 - Jul 2021)
  38. Samuel Poncé, Assistant Professor, UC Louvain (Marie Curie Fellow, Nov 2019 - Oct 2021)
  39. Philippe Schwaller, Assistant Professor, EPFL (master semester project, Fall 2014; master semester project, Spring 2015; master thesis, Spring 2016)
  40. Giovanni Pizzi, Group Leader, PSI (postdoc and senior scientist, Jan 2012 to Jan 2023)
  41. Nicola Colonna, Tenure-track scientist, PSI (postdoc, Dec 2014 - May 2019)
  42. Iurii Timrov, Tenure-track scientist, PSI (postdoc and senior scientist, Feb 2016 - Oct 2023)
  43. Lorenzo Monacelli, Assistant Professor, U. of Roma La Sapienza (Marie Curie Fellow, Jan 2022 - Dec 2023)