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EPFL IMX Seminar Series
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Tuesday Nov 24th, 2.00pm, Prof. Raffaele Resta (University of Trieste)
Are Polarization and Magnetization really bulk properties? Abstract

Wednesday Nov 18th, 5.00pm, Prof. Alessandro Laio (SISSA)
Clustering by search-and-find of density peak: a cheap and unsupervised approach to map complex data landscapes Abstract

Tuesday Sept 15th, 2.00pm, Prof. Duane Johnson (Iowa State University and Ames Laboratory)
Accelerating Materials Design – Data Discovery versus Data Searching Abstract

Wednesday Sept 2nd, 2.00pm, Dr. Robert Baldock (Department of Physics, University of Cambridge)
Nested sampling: a black-­‐box method for statistical mechanics Abstract

Thursday Aug 13th, 4.00pm, Prof. Tony Paxton (Department of Physics, King's College London)
Tight-binding approximation for simulation of condensed matter, Part II Abstract

Tuesday Aug 11th, 4.00pm, Prof. Tony Paxton (Department of Physics, King's College London)
Tight-binding approximation for simulation of condensed matter, Part I Abstract

Thursday July 31st, 11.00am, Dr. Alexander Urban (Department of Materials Science and Engineering, MIT, USA)
Understanding Macroscopic Li Transport in Li-excess Rocksalts based on Atomistic Insight Abstract

Thursday June 11th, 10.00am, Cong Huy Pham (SISSA, Trieste)
Molecular crystal structure prediction with evolutionary algorithm Abstract

Thursday June 4th, 11.00am, Dr. Atsushi Togo (Elements Strategy Initiative for Structural Materials, Kyoto University)
Software development for transition pathway search in crystals Abstract

Tuesday May 26th, 2.00pm, Dr. Livia Bove (Earth and Planetary Science Laboratory, EPFL)
Exploring new phenomena in salty ices under planetary conditions Abstract

Thursday May 21st, 11.00am, Thibault Sohier (IMPMC, Sorbonne Universités, UPMC, Paris, France)
Electron-phonon interactions in graphene: going beyond the limitations of plane-wave density-functional theory for 2D materials Abstract

Tuesday May 5th, 2.00pm, Dr. Ulrich Aschauer (Materials Theory, ETH Zürich)
Defects and reactivity in transition metal oxides Abstract

Tuesday April 28th, 2.00pm, David Harrison (Department of Physics, Wake Forest University, NC US )
Developing hydrogen storage materials with DFT Abstract

Friday April 24th, 11.00am, Dr. Nongnuch Artrith (Department of Mechanical Engineering, MIT, MA US)
Accurate and Efficient Neural Network Potentials for Atomistic Simulations Abstract

Thursday March 26th, 11.00am, Maarten de Jong (University of California, Berkeley, US)
New insights into ductility, defect energies and elastic stability in hexagonal close packed transition metals and alloys Abstract

Monday January 19th, 2.15pm, Michele Kotiuga (University of California, Berkeley, US)
Theory of Solvent Effects on Charge Transport in Molecular Junctions Abstract